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DTours is a shared cost travel initiative developed to raise funds for the Tanglewood Foundation. DTours arrange exciting and affordable group trips to Africa.  The best part is that because they are privately organised and no administration costs are taken, you get a unique experience taking you from cities to some of the most remote locations at a cheaper price than a standard tour company.  What's even better?  Every car on the tour provides a donation which directly supports these projects in Africa, so you can travel knowing you've made a difference in preserving the epic wildlife you're enjoying.

If you're unable to come on a DTours trip, there are other many ways you can contribute towards our causes. If you're interested in donating your time or money to one of these important projects, Peter is happy to give advice and can put you in touch with them directly.

Tanglewood Foundation

For information on causes that you can help support directly, please contact Peter.

DTours2018 Photo Credit: Blair Eastwood

From bustling cities to remote riverbeds in Africa, our affordable self-drive expeditions get you up close to African wildlife and epic scenery in a relaxed and supported environment.