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Our Story

Tanglewood Foundation was created to provide funding for various conservation & education projects around the world.  It all started in the early days when Peter and his company "iMake" started the "iMake A Difference Trust". 

Peter Eastwood has a great passion for Southern Africa and visits the area two or more times a year. Through his frequent travel, Peter learnt about the poaching of the rhino and the threat of extinction they were under. Seeing the rhino being killed for their horn shocked and horrified Peter. He knew he had to do something to help.

The iMake a Difference Trust provided access to funds for projects in Southern Africa, primarily aimed at combating Rhino poaching.  Often for these projects to be successful, funds needed to be available at a short notice. This ensured rangers could have the upper hand against poachers, before word spread about their projects.  It was also very important to Peter that all funds raised were distributed in the most value effective ways possible, with absolutely no administration costs taken out of the donations.  These were all paid by iMake, therefore ensuring that every donation counted.  All projects were hand-picked by experts in their fields and visited regularly to update on progress.

Peter decided he wanted to share his love for Africa with others, and came up with an ingenious way to do so, while also raising funds for his cause.  He started DTours.  DTours arrange exciting and affordable group trips, with every car on the tour providing a donation which directly supports these projects.  The best part is that because they are privately organised and no administration costs are taken, everyone gets a unique experience taking them from cities to some of the most remote locations at a cheaper price than a standard tour company. 

Tanglewood Foundation also supports projects back home in Aotearoa. Firstly, Peter helped KASM lodge an appeal against the proposed Seabed Mining along the West Coast.  Tanglewood Foundation is also funding the building of a new Educational Facility at Zealandia in Wellington, and recently Peter partnered up with his daughter Stacey to start Tanglewood Retreat, an eco-retreat and events centre just outside of Auckland that plants a native tree for every booking made.